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Knee Replacement Recovery



How it WORKS

GoKnee is a revolutionary treatment approach that is clinically proven to cut your knee recovery time in half following knee replacement surgery. GoKnee has two components:
the device and the exercise program.

The Device

The device is lightweight and portable, designed for you to use from the comfort of your own home. Knee recovery does not often leave much room for independence, especially in the early days, but with our device you finally have an opportunity to take recovery into your own hands. Our device creates the same pressure and guidance that your physical therapist provides during therapy sessions, the difference being YOU are in control.

The Exercise Program

The exercise program can be streamed from any device that has internet access. If this is not an option for you, we can provide print copies or DVDs. Regardless of how you obtain our exercise program, the important factor is that you USE it! Each exercise is specifically constructed to target a specific muscle group, movement, or trigger physiological and neurological connections throughout your recovery journey.

GoKnee’s comprehensive design encompasses range of motion, strengthening, joint mobilization, and safety features to protect your knee.

The three core components that you need to understand for a speedy knee recovery are
Flexion, Extension and Strengthening.


Why do you need to
bend your knee?

  • ZTo put your shoes and socks on
  • ZTo stand up from a chair with no armrests
  • ZTo go up/down stairs "normally"
  • ZTo get in/out of a tub or car


Why do you need to straighten your knee?

  • ZTo walk without a limp
  • ZTo walk longer distances
  • ZTo avoid hurting your hip and low back
  • ZTo reduce risk of falling


Why do you need
knee strength?

  • ZTo walk at faster speed
  • ZTo squat and pick up something off the floor
  • ZTo go up/down stairs without a railing
  • ZTo get up from a low chair/surface

Still have more questions? We have answers!


Faster Gains

I was at 0 to 127 degrees of range of motion by Week 2. I wish I could convey to people how excited I am about GoKnee.

Latest Rehab Technology

GoKnee is revolutionizing knee recovery.

Excellent Customer Experience

I loved working with GoKnee. I was in control, and I really looked forward to using it every day.

Off The Walker Faster

GoKnee made my recovery faster and less painful. I was amazed at how fast I got off the walker.


GoKnee is like having a physical therapist at home guiding you through recovery.

Best Purchase!

When I realized I was getting one-on-one instructions from a physical therapist on the exercise videos, I knew GoKnee was a quality product.

Real Results

Six months of PT, and I still struggled to meet flexion goals. Then my surgeon recommended GoKnee, and I finally made real progress, pain-free!

So Worth It!

Purchased GoKnee for my mother-in-law, and she recovered quicker and gained full range of motion in a fraction of the time her surgeon was expecting!

Less Fear

GoKnee gives you complete control.

Best Device!

My surgeon asked if I wanted to have my second knee replacement 3 weeks sooner than planned because of how fast GoKnee recovered my first knee.

Feeling Young Again!

After using GoKnee, I was able to pedal a bike. That is something I haven’t been able to do in 20 years.

Faster Recovery

I used GoKnee before my surgery to prepare my muscles and ligaments for the new joint, and went from feeling helpless to proactive in my recovery.

Back to Work Faster

My surgeon was so pleased with my results from GoKnee, he gave written permission for me to return to work months earlier than expected.

User Friendly

GoKnee was so easy to use, it felt like I completed an entire physical therapy session in less than ten minutes.

Happy Customer

The device works great, but the real magic happens when you turn on the exercise videos.

Money Well Spent!

I started using GoKnee a few weeks before surgery, and amazed my physical therapists when I achieved 120 degrees when I bend my knees.

Love It!

GoKnee accelerated the recovery of my range of motion. By using the device, I had control of the pain associated with stretching my knee.

Unbelievable Results

My therapist told me I was at the 12-week mark with my progress and it had only been 4 weeks.


At my four-week postoperative follow up, my knee bend was 123 with no help and I could fully straighten it.

No Transportation - No Problem!

My lack of transportation meant GoKnee was a good fit for me because it helped me recover from my own home after my knee replacement surgery.  

Wish I'd Tried It First

My insurance ran out before I met my PT goals for my new knee. GoKnee was my last investment – I wish it had been my first investment!

So Thankful

I was so worried about my knee pain, until I started using GoKnee and was in full control – then my anxiety ended and my recovery truly began!

Providing Hope

After surgery I faced a mental struggle with recovery, until GoKnee gave me hope because I saw improvement after my first use.

Top Notch Customer Service

Shehla and her team are so encouraging and supportive. It is truly like having a physical therapist in your home. Excellent customer service.

Amazing Results

With GoKnee, I had control of the pain associated with stretching my knee. Because I knew I had control, I pushed harder and recovered faster.