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Knee Replacement Recovery



Frequently Asked QUESTIONS


What is GoKnee?

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GoKnee is a revolutionary treatment approach that is clinically proven to cut your knee recovery time in half following knee replacement. GoKnee has TWO components:

  • The Device
    • A lightweight and portable tool
    • Used in your own home
    • You are in full control of your pain
  • The Exercise Program
    • Easy to follow instructional videos
    • Bending, straightening and strengthening exercises
    • Created by physical therapists

Head over to HOW IT WORKS to learn more. 


Who does GoKnee help?

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GoKnee helps individuals who are planning OR have had knee replacement surgery.


GoKnee is especially beneficial to those individuals with:

  • Limited physical therapy coverage or high co-payment costs
  • Limited transportation to physical therapy sessions
  • Urgent need to return to work
  • Unmet goals upson physical therapy discharge
  • Anxiety associated with pain / fear of physical therapy sessions

How is GoKnee different from other Home Exercise Programs for knees?

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Having access to necessary equipment in your own home is critical to a fast recovery. While there are various knee devices on the market, GoKnee is the only product currently available that does ALL of the following:

  • BOTH Flexion (bending) and Extension (straightening)
  • Passive AND Active Movement
    • Most products currently available only do passive movement.
    • It has been proven that ACTIVE movement is the key to functional recovery.
  • Performs a joint mobilization at the knee
    • ‘Joint mobilization’ is a skilled manual technique used by physical therapists to increase motion and decrease pain by applying specific pressure or force in various directions to help improve mobility of a joint.
    • With GoKnee, the device mimics the hands of the physical therapist, so you can perform a ‘joint mobilization’ without a therapist present.
  • Allows the patient to have full control
    • This means that you get to control your own pain; you decide how much to stretch your knee and you get to choose when you stop the exercise.
    • Compare this to when a therapist puts their hands on your knee and tells you to relax before they stretch your knee.
    • When you are in full control, your brain feels safe because it trusts that you won’t cause harm. Your brain significantly impacts your knee replacement recovery.
  • Strengthening of the knee muscles using ‘Muscle Energy Techniques’
    • These are skilled techniques that therapists use which involve gentle muscle contractions with very little actual joint movement so that your pain is minimized while strengthening these much needed muscles.
  • All in ONE lightweight and portable device
    • Other knee devices on the market only target one motion
    • You would have to purchase multiple devices to have the best recovery. GoKnee does it ALL

Visit HOW IT WORKS to learn more.


Why should I consider using GoKnee as part of my knee replacement recovery?

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GoKnee is the best home exercise program currently on the market for knee replacement recovery. It was created by physical therapists who specialize in knee care and is clinically proven to speed up recovery after knee replacement.

GoKnee uses the latest in rehabilitation technology and exercise principles, which are also used by elite athletes all over the world. GoKnee is like having your physical therapist in your home every day, guiding your recovery.

In addition to speeding up your recovery, GoKnee can be a cost-effective solution for individuals with high co-payments and limited insurance coverage for physical therapy following knee replacement surgery.

For example, if your co-payment for a physical therapy visit is $40 and the surgeon has ordered 3 sessions per week for 4 weeks, you could be $480 out of pocket. Or maybe your insurance only allows 20 total physical therapy visits per calendar year for any injury, surgery, or recovery. If you use all 12 physical therapy visits your surgeon ordered for your knee replacement recovery, then you only have 8 remaining for the rest of the year. This leaves little room for an accident or another surgery later in the year that requires physical therapy.


When should I start using GoKnee?

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Ideally, GoKnee would be used for months leading up to your knee replacement surgery. Research indicates that your post-surgical recovery will be predicted by your pre-surgical functioning.

Visit BEFORE REPLACEMENT to learn more.

However, if you are learning about GoKnee after your knee replacement surgery, no worries,

Visit AFTER REPLACEMENT to learn more.


How much does GoKnee cost?

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GoKnee can be purchased by individuals for $449.00 USD. The cost includes the device itself and the customized, evidence-based exercise program that goes along with it. BUY NOW

GoKnee understands knee replacement recovery can be expensive with physical therapy co-payments (ranging from $30-$60 per visit), time off work, transportation to and from physical therapy appointments. Cutting recovery time in HALF from the comfort of your home can significantly help reduce the expenses related to your knee replacement recovery.

Discounts and financial help may be available for those who qualify – please email for more information.


How will I know what exercises to do?

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After purchasing GoKnee, you will receive an instruction sheet with 3 easy to follow steps. These steps will grant you access to our customized exercise videos that have been clinically proven to help knee replacement recovery.

You will simply click ‘play’ on the first video and follow the directions. The exercises are guided by a physical therapist who will tell you what to do, how long to do it for and why you are doing it. The entire exercise session will take you less than 25 minutes to complete.

If for any reason you do not have access to these videos via internet, we are happy to provide a paper copy or DVD. Simply reach out and CONTACT US


Are there any risks to using GoKnee?

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Absolutely not! We know that the decision to have knee replacement surgery is not done lightly, so we believe it is imperative to not do anything that could risk injury to your ‘new’ knee.

GoKnee is only used when you are in a seated position and the device is completely controlled by you. In fact, the device is designed to break apart if not used properly.

As physical therapists, our primary objective is to ensure your safety while promoting a quick recovery. This is why safety was incorporated into all aspects of GoKnee, from the device design to the exercise program.


How do I purchase GoKnee?

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You can purchase GoKnee from our website by clicking HERE. If you have questions before ordering, visit our CONTACT US page, we are happy to answer any of your questions and address any concerns you may have.


How long will it take for my GoKnee to arrive?

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Your order is processed within 48 hours of receiving payment. You should receive your GoKnee within 3 to 5 business days. However, with current shipping delays nation-wide it could take up to 7 days.


Can GoKnee help with other knee issues not involving a knee replacement?

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GoKnee is designed for individuals who have had or are planning to have knee replacement surgery. However, GoKnee can be used to help recover your knee from other procedures and issues. Send us a message on our CONTACT US page explaining your specific needs and we can help you decide if GoKnee is a good fit for your knee.


Why is GoKnee “Revolutionary”?

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In the surgical world of knee replacements there are medical advancements being discovered and implemented daily. Unfortunately, until GoKnee there was little to no advancements surrounding the recovery for patients after they had received their new knee.

A procedure that used to require several days in the hospital can now have patients returning home the same day as surgery. As for the rehabilitation after knee replacement surgery, it has also significantly changed, but not for the betterment of the individual.

Individuals used to receive up to 3 hours of therapy, 5-6 days per week in an in-patient rehabilitation facility after knee replacement surgery. Now due to insurance and reimbursement changes, most individuals are sent home after surgery with referrals to out-patient therapy or home health therapy; both of which are up to 1 hour, 2-3 days per week.

Despite the improvements in the surgical procedure, the need for intense therapy after this surgery continues, but it is no longer an option for many. This leaves a huge gap in the amount of therapy patients need to fully and optimally recover from this challenging but much needed procedure.

GoKnee is here to fill that gap! Our device and exercise program take a comprehensive approach to knee recovery, addressing the physical and neurological components required to speed up recovery. GoKnee is clinically proven to cut recovery time in HALF, revolutionizing the way we will treat knee replacement recovery in the future.

We would love the opportunity to speak with your surgeon or physical therapist if they are not familiar with GoKnee yet. Learn more about GoKnee by clicking HOW IT WORKS. At GoKnee we encourage you to share the information from our website with your orthopedic surgeon and physical therapist.


Who created GoKnee?

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GoKnee was created by three physical therapists with over 60 combined years of physical therapy, who had a passion for improving the quality of their patient’s lives. What started off as a solution for one patient struggling after knee replacement surgery, has now become a solution for millions of Americans.

Physical Therapists are experts in rehabilitation and movement. Their primary goal is to reduce pain, help you move, function and live better.

Learn more about our creators, Sonya Briggs PT, Shehla Rooney PT, GCS and Nikki Orazine DPT, by visiting MEET THE CREATORS.


Faster Recovery

I used GoKnee before my surgery to prepare my muscles and ligaments for the new joint, and went from feeling helpless to proactive in my recovery.

No Transportation - No Problem!

My lack of transportation meant GoKnee was a good fit for me because it helped me recover from my own home after my knee replacement surgery.  

Amazing Results

With GoKnee, I had control of the pain associated with stretching my knee. Because I knew I had control, I pushed harder and recovered faster.

Happy Customer

The device works great, but the real magic happens when you turn on the exercise videos.

Love It!

GoKnee accelerated the recovery of my range of motion. By using the device, I had control of the pain associated with stretching my knee.

Feeling Young Again!

After using GoKnee, I was able to pedal a bike. That is something I haven’t been able to do in 20 years.

Latest Rehab Technology

GoKnee is revolutionizing knee recovery.

Top Notch Customer Service

Shehla and her team are so encouraging and supportive. It is truly like having a physical therapist in your home. Excellent customer service.


GoKnee is like having a physical therapist at home guiding you through recovery.

Off The Walker Faster

GoKnee made my recovery faster and less painful. I was amazed at how fast I got off the walker.

Unbelievable Results

My therapist told me I was at the 12-week mark with my progress and it had only been 4 weeks.

Faster Gains

I was at 0 to 127 degrees of range of motion by Week 2. I wish I could convey to people how excited I am about GoKnee.

So Worth It!

Purchased GoKnee for my mother-in-law, and she recovered quicker and gained full range of motion in a fraction of the time her surgeon was expecting!

Providing Hope

After surgery I faced a mental struggle with recovery, until GoKnee gave me hope because I saw improvement after my first use.

Excellent Customer Experience

I loved working with GoKnee. I was in control, and I really looked forward to using it every day.


At my four-week postoperative follow up, my knee bend was 123 with no help and I could fully straighten it.

Real Results

Six months of PT, and I still struggled to meet flexion goals. Then my surgeon recommended GoKnee, and I finally made real progress, pain-free!

So Thankful

I was so worried about my knee pain, until I started using GoKnee and was in full control – then my anxiety ended and my recovery truly began!

Best Purchase!

When I realized I was getting one-on-one instructions from a physical therapist on the exercise videos, I knew GoKnee was a quality product.

User Friendly

GoKnee was so easy to use, it felt like I completed an entire physical therapy session in less than ten minutes.

Back to Work Faster

My surgeon was so pleased with my results from GoKnee, he gave written permission for me to return to work months earlier than expected.

Money Well Spent!

I started using GoKnee a few weeks before surgery, and amazed my physical therapists when I achieved 120 degrees when I bend my knees.

Wish I'd Tried It First

My insurance ran out before I met my PT goals for my new knee. GoKnee was my last investment – I wish it had been my first investment!

Best Device!

My surgeon asked if I wanted to have my second knee replacement 3 weeks sooner than planned because of how fast GoKnee recovered my first knee.

Less Fear

GoKnee gives you complete control.