Why be in pain for 4 weeks, when you can get better in 2?


The GoKnee is a revolutionary device that provides the quickest and most cost-effective recovery following a total knee replacement.

I believe the device made my recovery faster and less painful. I was amazed at how fast I got off the walker.
— Leta, FNP Cookeville, TN
A Paradigm shift in knee replacement treatment; bring the industry forward 25 years overnight.
— Andy McCormick PT, DPT, GCS, OCS
I really liked working with the GoKnee. It was a very important asset to me for my knee motion. It was comfortable to use. I was in control and I really looked forward to using it every day.
— Barbara Knight, April 2017
I am convinced that it helped me accelerate the recovery of my range of motion in my knee following knee replacement surgery. By using the device, I had control of the pain associated with stretching my knee. Because I knew I had control, I believe I actually pushed harder and recovered faster.
— Joseph F. Edwards, Cookeville, TN

From the Therapist...

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